Hall of Fame

Criteria for Induction

Criteria for Induction

  • All nominees must have outstanding achievements and/or contributions in the field of athletics within Linden Community Schools.
    • Multiple All-Conference
    • All-State
    • All-American
    • State Championship
    • USA/World/Olympics
    • Coaches/Volunteers – exemplary service
  • Excellence above the ordinary field of endeavor is required.
  • Any nominee that is currently employed as a professional athlete on a team is not eligible for the L.A.H.O.F until they have been retired for a minimum of (3) years.
  • Anyone that currently serves on the L.A.H.O.F committee is not eligible for induction.

How Do You Get Nominated?

  • All nominations must be made on official L.A.H.O.F “candidate forms”.  These forms can be obtained in the Linden High School main office, Linden Community Education office, or Linden Athletic office.  Printable candidate forms can also be accessed at www.lindenschools.org
  • Special Service
    • Based on contributions made within the Linden Community Schools Athletic community at large as well as coaches, volunteers, administrators, and teachers.
    • Including leadership roles and program development.
  • Awards
    • Each individual, team, or special service inductee into the L.A.H.O.F. will be honored with an appropriate plaque displayed at Linden High School. 
    • Approved candidates are formally inducted into the L.A.H.O.F. at a banquet to be held on the first or second Saturday in November every year.

    Team Award

  • The Board of Directors of the L.A.H.O.F. established the team award category in 2009 to recognize the contributions that members of teams have made to the athletic history of the Linden Community.  (1) team is honored each year.  Presently there are (0) teams inducted in the L.A.H.O.F. 
  • Teams inducted into the L.A.H.O.F will have their own place of prominence within the Hall of fame displayed at Linden High School.


Did you Know?

Did You Know?

  • The Linden Athletic Hall of Fame (L.A.H.O.F) has been created to provide a platform making it possible to honor participants for their contributions and outstanding achievements in the field of athletics.
  • The L.A.H.O.F was the brain-child of Mr. Pete Maas who created the organization in 1989.  Pete, a member of the class of 2003, was a former teacher, coach, and athletic director at Linden High School. 
  • The Board of Directors of the L.A.H.O.F consists of five (5) members.  The L.A.H.O.F committee consists of 18 members that meet several times throughout the year.
  • Presently there are approximately (57) candidates who will always remain in the pool of nominees.  These candidates are thoroughly researched for credibility and reduced for consideration of induction.
  • There are currently (10) team candidates in the pool for future consideration.
  • There are currently (24) athlete candidates in the pool for future consideration.
  • There are currently (13) special service candidates in the pool for future consideration.Through 2005, there have been (50) athletes, (0) teams, and (6) special service inductions into the L.A.H.O.F.
Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  • Any individual who meets the induction criteria may be nominated, but will not be considered by the Committee unless recommended by the Board of Directors.
  • Nominations must be made on official L.A.H.O.F. “candidate forms”.   Once the forms have been completed in full, they must be returned to the Executive Secretary with all other available information regarding the nominee.
  • No individual inductee will be formally inducted without his/her approval or the approval of his/her family.
  • Each selected nominee will be notified as soon as possible following their selection.
Official Nomination Form
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